Wear Them Like You Mean It
Wear Them Like You Mean It
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Welcome to Exceptional Hearing Care

At Exceptional Hearing Care in Ahwatukee, Arizona, we believe that hearing is vital to living a healthy lifestyle. It contributes to brain health, emotional health, and even physical health. We see such a marked improvement in patrons who start their hearing rehabilitation. They are able to relax and enjoy the company of others again. Personally affected by hearing loss, we intimately know the daily challenges our clients face with hearing loss, and we are able to offer guidance and advice that comes from experience, not text books. Tina Patton, our practitioner, is hard of hearing herself, having developed hearing loss in her late 20s. Our patrons often remark on the camaraderie and empathy they feel with her because of her personal experience with hearing loss. “It’s not that others weren’t kind,” Judy, a recent patron, said of her previous providers. “It’s that they didn’t completely understand what I was experiencing, but Tina has lived it.”

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

Due to COVID19, classes are cancelled until further notice.

Dementia Prevention Classes

The Lancet Report on Dementia Prevention in 2016 noted the #1, single most modifiable factor for preventing Dementia is the treatment of hearing loss. Yes, reducing obesity, diabetes and / or cardiovascular disease are important. It is also important to increase social activity, enhance our education and supplement our nutrition. These can all play a part in helping us to prevent Dementia; but none, even when combined, are nearly as effective as the treatment of hearing loss. I think Dr Doraiswamy, a Neuropyschologist from Duke University said it best: “The benefits of correcting hearing loss on cognition are twice as large as the benefits from any cognitive-enhancing drugs now on the market. It should be the first thing we focus on”.

Tina and Bary, both, are certified with the American Brain Council and work hand in hand with them for Dementia Prevention/Brain Optimization. Please see a list of introductory classes that are available under our Dementia Prevention page.

We have a mid tier program available when purchasing mid level to premium hearing instruments from us directly that is a value added program. We include a brain optimization program at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU! Please ask us for details!

We also offer a year long program that will be discussed at the end of any purchased class.

We care about your hearing and your brain. Tina and Bary come from a family history of hearing loss AND dementia. This is personal and we want to keep other families from experiencing what we have experienced with family members in decline from a dementia. Tina has also brought herself out of mild cognitive impairment using the year long program.

Our time, family experiences, conversations and memories are all precious. Let’s preserve them!