Building Connections | May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

Building Connections | May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

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May is Better Hearing and Speech Month! Join us, and the American Speech-Language-

Hearing Association, as we celebrate all month long. Ask yourself a few questions about your hearing health, and don’t hesitate to visit us if you think you may have hearing loss. This month, the theme is Building Connections. Are you ready to build stronger connections in your life?

What is Better Hearing and Speech Month?

Many of us take our communication abilities for granted. We don’t think twice about hearing or speaking until something goes wrong. But when you do have a hard time communicating, you’ll realize just how important speech and hearing really is.

Better Hearing and Speech Month is the perfect time to draw our attention to hearing health. The month of May is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of easy communication and how hearing clearly helps you build strong relationships. The theme for 2021 is Building Connections. Take a moment to stop and think about the connections in your life that mean the most. If your hearing health is standing between you and building connections, then celebrate Better Hearing and Speech month by exploring hearing aid options, and encouraging your loved ones to do the same. 

Do You Have Hearing Loss?

Start this month by thinking about your hearing abilities. Ask yourself if you’ve been having a hard time hearing certain sounds, or even missing some sounds altogether. Take a look at your hearing health by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do you turn your good ear towards the person speaking?
  • Do you ask your family to repeat themselves?
  • Do you have a harder time hearing in places with background noise?
  • Is it difficult to hear conversations on the phone or online?
  • Have you been turning up the volume on the radio and the TV?
  • Are you hearing a ringing or buzzing sound in your ears?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a hearing loss. Better Hearing and Speech month is all about taking action. If you think you might have hearing loss, book a hearing test! Together we’ll find out if you’re missing some important sounds. We’ll also explore the best treatment options to help you hear easily.

Building Connections

If you’re living with untreated hearing loss, this month is the perfect opportunity to treat your hearing loss and build connections with your loved ones. Modern hearing technology has some incredible programs that will help you hear in any setting. 

Do you want to hear conversations on the phone? Connectivity features make it easy to hear every word on the other end of the line. You can stream audio directly to your hearing aids, so you will hear the entire conversation right in your ears. You’ll hear the conversation in both ears, and you’ll benefit from speech enhancement and noise reduction programs.

Do you want to share quiet moments with your loved ones? Speech enhancement programs make it easy to have conversations with your family and friends without straining to hear. You can share meaningful moments with your loved ones, and you won’t have to guess at what’s being said. You can catch every punchline of every joke and feel more connected with your loved ones than ever before.

Do you want to enjoy family gatherings? Directionality microphones and background noise reduction programs make it easy to hear without asking people to repeat themselves. Hearing loss makes it more challenging to follow group conversations. It’s hard to keep track of who’s talking, and all the background noise is distracting. Hearing aids make group gathering fun again, and you can build connections with all the people you care about.

Visit Us Today for a Hearing Test

During Better Hearing and Speech Month, we take the time to recognize the importance of clear hearing, and we celebrate the technologies that improve hearing and speech. The theme of Building Connections reminds us just how important our relationships are. We encourage you to learn more about hearing health, and discover how hearing aids can help you build stronger connections with the people that matter the most. Visit us today to find out more about your hearing health and hearing needs, and make sure you’re hearing everything you want to hear.

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