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Want A Raise At Work? Get Your Hearing Checked.

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Tina Patton

Did you know that it is estimated that hard of hearing people who leave their hearing loss untreated are paid $10,000 – $30,000 less in salary and benefits than their normal hearing counterparts on average?

I’m going to let that sink in for a minute. $10,000. What could you do with an extra $10,000 per year? For that matter, what could you do with $30,000?

Why is there such a discrepancy?

The fact of the matter is you’re a more engaged, better worker when you can hear.

Years ago, my brother dropped out of college and was called insubordinate by a few employers before he finally got his hearing tested. Where he previously made mistakes, suddenly he was sharp and on the ball. After all, he was young and intelligent. He wasn’t forgetful at work, he just didn’t hear. When he didn’t follow directions, he wasn’t being obstinate, he just misheard them.

Improved hearing empowered him so much that he eventually went back to school and received his doctorate in Audiology. He was actually a pretty good student when he could hear his teachers! His confidence skyrocketed and his life was so much better because of his improved hearing.

Being able to hear well lessens your stress levels, makes you more efficient, and empowers you to be more effective at what you do. Relationships with your bosses, coworkers, and customers will feel less strained and you’ll feel more confident with better hearing.

It’s amazing to me when people put off addressing their hearing loss. There is almost no excuse for it. You will likely lose tens of thousands of dollars per year in personal revenue until you get help. Plus, you’re jeopardizing other areas of your health in the process, not to mention your confidence and perceived value to your employer and customers.

A pair of hearing aids typically run from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on severity of loss and technology desired and they will last you several years. Even if you spent $7,000 on a pair of top of the line hearing aids, you would be saving money in the long run. Heck, you’d be saving money the first year.

Being able to listen well and form strong relationships is the foundation of a good business, and that is infinitely harder when you are struggling to hear.

Isn’t it time to at least find out what your options are?

We give you 14 days to try the latest hearing technology absolutely risk and obligation free. What better way to see what a difference good hearing can make in your job performance.

Don’t just take my word for it, try it and see!

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