Our Mission

Our Values

At Exceptional Hearing Care in Ahwatukee, Arizona, we believe that hearing is vital to living a healthy lifestyle. It contributes to brain health, emotional health, and even physical health. We see such a marked improvement in patrons who start their hearing rehabilitation. They are able to relax and enjoy the company of others again. Personally affected by hearing loss, we intimately know the daily challenges our clients face with hearing loss, and we are able to offer guidance and advice that comes from experience, not text books. Tina Patton, our practitioner, is hard of hearing herself, having developed hearing loss in her late 20s. Our patrons often remark on the camaraderie and empathy they feel with her because of her personal experience with hearing loss. “It’s not that others weren’t kind,” Judy, a recent patron, said of her previous providers. “It’s that they didn’t completely understand what I was experiencing, but Tina has lived it.”

At Exceptional Hearing Care, we want to ensure the comfort, happiness, and ultimate success of all of our clients. To that end, we offer a 14-day in-home trial of hearing technology to our new customers, absolutely free. We believe that you should be confident that your hearing aid will work for you before you invest. We work with you to find a solution that balances your lifestyle and your budget to provide the highest value possible.

Our Vision

We want every client to feel comfortable and satisfied with their hearing aid. With their confidence raised, we envision them leading happy, connected lives with their loved ones. Using outcomes-based technology, we will show our clients not only what they were missing with their hearing loss, but what they are able to experience because of their hearing aids. We will use outcomes based technology to track and adjust their hearing aid to their needs so they can continue to communicate fully with those around them.

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Our Mission

We will provide the best hearing care possible to our patrons using advanced technology to monitor and adjust their hearing aids to their lifestyle. We strive to help them reconnect with loved ones and lead a life full of depth, purpose, and love.