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Much like the person with an unexplained illness, getting hearing loss can be a confusing experience. But hearing loss is a prevalent issue, and we should be vigilant and take it seriously. It tends to creep up, and you might have a gradual hearing loss built up over the years. At the same time, those with impaired hearing find inventive ways around the challenge, including reading lips, positioning closer to the speaker, and even pretending to understand.

A hearing test is the only way to determine whether you have hearing loss or not. For those over 50, hearing specialists recommend one annually. Many people regularly visit the dentist or the optometrist, but your hearing health is no less critical than your visual or oral health.

If you think of getting a hearing test, you might feel a little nervous about what is in store. That's why we have broken down what to expect during a hearing evaluation.

What you should expect at a hearing exam

We want every client to feel comfortable and satisfied with their hearing aid. With their confidence raised, we envision them leading happy, connected lives with their loved ones. Using outcomes-based technology, we will show our clients not only what they were missing with their hearing loss, but what they are able to experience because of their hearing aids. We will use outcomes based technology to track and adjust their hearing aid to their needs so they can continue to communicate fully with those around them.

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A medical consultation

We will be working with you to learn more about you before the treatment process. This helps us build a treatment plan tailored to your needs. We may ask questions about your health and your lifestyle. We'll try not to be too invasive, but even seemingly unrelated conditions such as high blood pressure could lead to hearing loss, so we need to gather this information to rule it out.

Otolaryngologist Checking Adult Ears

A physical hearing exam

We will check your ears with an otoscope. This is a flashlight at the end of a microscope that helps us determine whether the ears or eardrums are impaired or not. It will also reveal whether anything is blocking sound from entering your ear canal.

Audiologist Man Doing The Hearing Test

Hearing assessment

The third part of your hearing exam checks your hearing ability. We will conduct multiple tests to generate a complete result. You'll be asked to wear headphones and made to sit in a soundproofed room. 

  • The first test will determine the limit of the frequencies you can hear and is called a pure-tone test. We will play a series of sounds, and when you hear them, you will be asked to signal. 
  • A speech assessment test looks at your understanding of everyday speech. We will play a series of phases and ask you to repeat them. 
  • Tympanometry is the final type of hearing exam we may perform. We use this to determine the sensitivity of the ear canal. A flexible rubber probe with the ability to mimic air pressure changes will be inserted into the ear. The probe will measure the eardrum's response to several stimuli, such as low-pitched tones. Such tests can help evaluate an anatomical pressure response that can not be detected by a classic pure tone audiometry test.
Hearing Exam Results Adiograph

Reviewing your results

Your hearing test results are recorded in your audiogram, a visual representation of your hearing capacity. This will decide what form of hearing loss you are experiencing and how seriously the condition affects your life.The hearing loss levels can range from mild (a slight issue) to profound (a sharp hearing impairment).

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Treating Hearing Loss

The last phase in our assessment is a treatment plan for hearing loss. Most of the time, hearing aids are the best form of treatment. Modern hearing aids are smaller than you think and have many features that will allow you to hear others better, even in noise. If you have hearing problems and hearing aids are prescribed for you, we will help you find the one that will suit your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Getting a hearing test might seem daunting, but it is the first step in your path towards better hearing. Move towards reconnecting with your family and friends by scheduling a hearing test today!

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