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Start your New Year Off with Better Hearing

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The new year is just around the corner! The concept of the new year is roughly based on the spinning of the earth in relation to the sun, however, for us, the new year is simply a time to look forward and think about what we would like to manifest for our future.

Do you want to start a new hobby, or reconnect to someone who you’ve felt distant from? Perhaps you are looking to up your workout routine, improve your heart health, or start eating healthier. Our health and well-being does not occur in a bubble. Once you begin to look at one area of your life it’s common to see how they are less segmented than we often think of them. For instance, if you have been suspecting that you may have a hearing loss, addressing the issue may be a way to address many other aspects of your health and well-being.

Accepting the Reality of Hearing Loss

Do you have hearing loss? The truth is you may not even know it. Hearing loss often occurs slowly over many years in gradual increments. Over this time, your brain rationalizes the loss and while it may be affecting you, you may not even know it. Hearing loss can occur to anyone at any time. However, the risk of hearing loss starts climbing for all of us once we hit 50 and beyond. One in three people over 65 have hearing loss and this number jumps to 50 percent for those of us 75 years and older. It’s safe to say that one thing you can do for yourself is being proactive about testing for hearing loss annually once you reach this milestone. Detecting a hearing loss early can help you to avoid the development of some devastating side effects of untreated hearing loss.

The Effect of Hearing Loss on Our Relationships

When hearing loss goes unaddressed it can affect us in ways we may not expect. Aside from struggling to hear, many people don’t see how the conglomeration of communication issues over years- or even decades can start to affect our relationships. At home, while you may not notice your family certainly will. They may not have a name for it, but simply notice that your communication is strained, and your relationship is as well. You may seem detached or disinterested.

It’s also common for people to mistake a hearing loss as you not being interested in what they are saying. Over years this can take a toll on even the closest of partnerships. You and your significant other may feel distant from each other. It’s not only spirited conversations which build intimacy, but the quiet moments of conversation as well. It’s the casual banter over morning coffee, inside jokes, and gentle nothings which help you feel connected. If hearing loss has been developing unchecked over years, you may notice that these quiet moments for connection have all but vanished from your life. In its place is often distance and feelings of loneliness.

The Effect of Hearing Loss on Your Confidence

Your relationships are often your bedrock or home base. As you start to feel alienated from the people in your life due to a hearing loss, it can build up and start to affect your confidence. Aside from feeling distant from loved ones you may also be less likely to try new things and go new places.

Aside from a communication issue, hearing loss affects one of our most important ways we connect to our environment. We use our hearing to inform us of the world around us. When we start to miss these sounds, it can affect our ability to safely navigate the world. We may be more likely to miss warning sounds or the noise of an approaching object from behind. Those with hearing loss are far more likely to suffer falls and accidents. For those of us who are younger it can be easier to heal and recover, but as we age, our bodies often take more time to heal. A fall can be much harder to bounce back from. As a result, those with hearing loss are less likely to try new things, go new places and explore the things they love.

This Year, It’s Time to Act!

If you have been suffering from issues with feeling distant and feeling unconfident to navigate the world independently, it can feel devastating. However, there is hope. By addressing a possible hearing loss this year, it can give you the confidence and ability to reconnect with those you love. The first step is to contact us today to schedule a hearing exam!