The Benefits of Being Social for Older Americans

The Benefits of Being Social for Older Americans

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Have you been struggling to stay socially active as you age? You know that being physically active promotes overall health and wellbeing, keeps your heart healthy, and helps you manage your weight. Recent studies show that maintaining an active social life has a lot of benefits for American seniors, and enjoying time with friends and family will make you healthier and happier. You’ll prevent or slow certain chronic diseases, and protect your mental health as you age.

The Benefits of Being Socially Active

Being socially active has a lot of benefits. Not only will you enjoy an improved quality of life, you’ll appreciate spending time with loved ones, and improve your mental and physical health. Maintaining the connections, you’ve made with family and friends throughout your life will have a big impact you’re your health including:

  • Improved cognitive function – Being socially active keeps your mind sharp, and conversations and activities with loved ones will keep you mentally engaged, lowering your risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Improved physical health – being social will improve your physical health as well! You’ll enjoy more mobility, get out of the house more often, and be more physically active. You’ll also have a healthier diet, since social events usually include food, and you can enjoy more balanced diets than you cook at home for yourself.
  • Improved mental health – when you’re socially active and meet family and friends every day, you’ll feel loved and supported by your community. You’re more likely to ask for help if you need it, and you’ll have a lower risk of suffering from anxiety, high levels of stress, or depression.
  • Improved sleep – Studies show that it’s harder to sleep at night if you feel isolated or alone. Having an engaging social life helps you go to bed happy, and you’ll sleep better when you have friends in your life.
  • Longer, happier life – seniors who have lots of friends and loved ones live longer on average than those who feel isolated or alone. With a great social circle, you’ll enjoy higher immune system functioning, handle stress better, and live longer.

How to Improve Your Social Life

If you want to improve your social life, be healthier, and enjoy your golden years in style, there are a few ways you can be more social. Think about your hobbies, and look for a club or group in your area. Whether you’re looking for a book club, a place to go birdwatching, or someone to play boardgames with, you can find other seniors in your area to connect with. Find meetups that match your interests, and get more connected in your community.

Another way to be more social is to learn something new. Is there a hobby you’ve always wanted to try or a skill you want to learn? You can take a class, learn a new language, or find an education center with classes targeted towards older learners. You can expand your mind, improve your brain health, and be social, all at the same time!

Do you enjoy walks in the park, or want to prioritize being more active? Join a fitness group, find a walking buddy, or find a water aerobics class, and be more physically active while being social.

Get Your Hearing Tested

Are you struggling to connect with your family and friends? If you’re too nervous to join a group or meet new friends, get your hearing tested and regain your confidence. Seniors with hearing loss struggle with social anxiety, and often choose to stay home rather than meeting family or friends in a stressful listening environment. It’s hard to be social if you can’t hear, so find out how your hearing loss is holding you back, and get your hearing tested to enjoy all the benefits of being social.

Exceptional Hearing Care

At Exceptional Hearing Care our hearing health specialists will work with you to discover your unique hearing loss and hearing needs, and help you find the hearing aids that will let you be more social. Whether you want a Behind the Ear device, or a tiny In the Canal hearing aid, we work with the best hearing aid manufacturers, and can provide the hearing care you need to enjoy all the benefits of being social.

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