14 Day Trial – Signia Hearing Aids


At Exceptional Hearing Care, we believe hearing healthcare is important to all aspects of your life. However, we know it can be difficult to “take our word for it” and pull the trigger on a pair of hearing aids that you haven’t experienced for yourself.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of hearing aids being too uncomfortable to wear and large investments being made for a hearing aid that is worn twice. With our 14-day trial, WE MAKE SURE THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN TO YOU.

Our goal is to work with you to find the hearing aid that fits your lifestyle and budget. After all, on a per use scale, the least expensive hearing aid is the one you wear every day with great results.

Don’t believe it? Come in and check it out absolutely free for 14 days.

We know our solution will work for you. Over 90% of our clients who trial hearing aids end up keeping their new aids, even if they had poor or mediocre experiences in the past.

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What our patrons say:

Judy, Phoenix, AZ

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How the Trial works

Treating hearing loss brings many benefits to one’s overall health and well-being, including reducing the risk for dementia to improving your personal safety (if noticing any changes in your cognitive function, please see our brain fitness tab). Treating hearing loss also keeps you connected with your loved ones. Dr. Williams and Tina have firsthand experience with the benefits of treating hearing loss and both hope to share their knowledge and experience with their patients. It all comes down to treating your hearing loss with a pair of hearing aids that are just right for you.

  • Free Hearing Screening

    Our hearing exams are one of the most thorough there is. For nearly two hours, we connect with our patrons and their loved one. We visually graph their hearing loss in relation to their loved ones’ voice. We show them exactly what tonal ranges they are missing and what their hearing loss looks like, and we counsel them on how to communicate more effectively with or without hearing aids. We thoroughly explain the entire trial process, the new technology they will be trying, and we answer any lingering questions they may have. Our goal is that you will leave our office feeling empowered and informed.

  • Live Demonstration

    During the exam, we will put the hearing aid that best fits your lifestyle in your ear and will introduce recordings of difficult listening situations. We will visually map your hearing capability with and without the aid so you can see the difference in each situation. If you bring in a loved one with a familiar voice, we will map their speech patterns against your hearing capabilities so you can see exactly what you’ve been hearing and missing. Your spouse may think you have selective hearing, but this will prove you don’t!

  • 14-Day, In-Home Trial

    If you feel comfortable with the hearing aid in the office and wish to trial it, you can usually wear it out of our door that day. It is yours for two weeks to put through the ringer and really test whether or not it will fit your lifestyle. After two weeks, come back in and return it if you are not completely satisfied – no strings attached.