When Should I Update My Hearing Aids

When to Get New Hearing Aids

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When is it time to get new hearing aids? This question doesn’t have an easy answer. A guideline might help make the decision a little easier. When hearing aids are at their optimal performance, the activities that you love the most will be an overall, better experience for you. With today’s new technology, your hearing experience can be greatly improved. With regular maintenance and cleaning, generally hearing aids last 5 to 7 years.  Here are a few things to consider if you’re wondering whether to get new hearing aids.

Has Your Hearing Changed?

Where to begin, you might wonder. A good place to start, would be to ask yourself if your hearing has changed in any way since your last prescription. Do you find difficulty hearing when engaging in the activities you enjoy the most? Examining how you hear in those activities will indicate whether or not you should contact your doctor. It might not be you, directly, it could be the hearing aids, or something medically that needs attention.

Because hearing aids are worn on our bodies, the capacity to hear through the hearing aids diminishes. They are exposed to the rain, extreme heat, sweat, dirt and earwax to name a few. If they’re not routinely cleaned, the hearing aids will get clogged. If the hearing aids still aren’t working correctly, they might need repair. Every day wear and tear is expected to occur.

Changes In Your Lifestyle

Have you been experiencing lifestyle changes? For instance, have you lost joy in talking to your loved ones on the phone because you can’t hear them clear enough? Maybe you’re not able to listen to the TV as well as you did before. Have family gatherings become overwhelming because it has become distorted in any way? When you lose interest in activities that you once found enjoyable all avenues should be addressed.

To enrich those lifestyle changes, maybe it’s time to consider and upgrade for your hearing aids. The technology that’s on the market today can enhance your experiences in a whole new way. Maybe it is hard for you to get to your hearing specialist. With the advancement of technology, your doctor can remotely do a fitting meaning you wouldn’t need to go to the office at all. Unlike hearing aids years ago, technology has improved the quality of life for someone who wears hearing aids.

The new technology today, lessens the fatigue you experience when you have to strain your ears to listen. Now you won’t miss that phone call, the voices on the TV or the words to your favorite music because of the advanced technology that’s been made. Today, you able to easily stream everything you love, right to the hearing aids via smartphone. That’s because the new technology makes it easier.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Regular cleaning of your hearing aids is vital. Everyone, however, is unique in their own experiences. Some people might require more cleaning, maintenance, repairs or replacements than others. This could be influenced more if someone lives where it’s humid. It could also be influenced by a person’s body composition. For instance, someone could produce more wax than someone else.

Hearing health is important. When wearing hearing aids, regular cleaning is vital. Each person is unique, however. Some people might require more maintenance, cleaning, repair or replacements than others. This could be due to their surrounding environment, such as humidity. It could be influenced by a person’s body composition where someone’s body produces more earwax than someone else. These factors affect a person’s hearing health.

Seeking Treatment for Hearing Loss

Whenever anyone’s hearing has diminished, seeking treatment for hearing loss should be a priority. Hearing is an important part of life, and losing that ability can be devastating. There is so much out there to help your hearing difficulty. Anyone seeking treatment for hearing loss can be confident that they can find the best solution for their hearing health.

Exceptional Hearing Care

Changes in your hearing can either be a minor issue, or something major. Our team at Exceptional Hearing Care can evaluate your hearing, and help you determine whether or not hearing aids are beneficial for you. We can show you how to thoroughly clean your hearing aids regularly, and can also detect any changes in your hearing that might need further medical help by regular hearing check-ups.

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